Commercial Applications

AME's TechniCoat has long been recognized in the HVAC industry as a superior anti-corrosive protective coating for not only coils but internal parts of units operating in corrosive environments.

We Coat HVAC Coils and Many Other Things

AME can coat any type of coil. AME can coat more than just the coils. No limit to the size of a coil or unit Condensing Units, Air-Handling Units, Split systems, Packaged Units, Evaporating Units, Water Chiller Units, Heat Pump Units, Rooftop Units, MicroChannel Coils

It's More Than a Coating, It's a Process

Before we coat anything, it goes thru a stringent inspection. Then a thorough cleaning before the final preparation and then the coating applied.

AME's TechniCoat is NOT just a coating but a specific process. The preparation of the material to be coated is 60% of the process known as TechniCoat. The fact is, you can have the best coating materail around, but if it doesn't stay on the substrate, then it is useless. Therefore, at AME, our process of TechniCoat is certified, verified and controlled so that when you get a TechniCoated coil, you are getting more than just a coated coil, you are getting a process that not only do we stand behind, but we are proud of. Our coating is polyurethane free as well as Hex-chromium and lead free.

The process of TechniCoat AA application starts with providing a plant facility with a stringent non-contaminate environment. When a piece is received for coating, an initial inspection is performed. If the piece passes inspection then it is moved on to go through a multi-step cleaning process finalized by a chemical etch primer. Once acceptably prepared, then the coating process begins by controlled spraying onto the piece, which includes a primer and topcoat. Next, a process to prevent bridging takes place. Then a finish coat is applied. The piece is then moved to an area for final curing and inspection before crating and shipping.