HVAC Coil Protection

We coat HVAC coils with our highly-trained and experienced production technicians. Technicoat is the world's finest anti-corrosion coil coating. Anti-microbial and Anti-bacterial.

Commercial Industrial

AME's TechniCoat has long been recognized in the HVAC industry as a superior anti-corrosive protective coating for not only coils but internal parts of units operating in corrosive environments.

Our Process

AME's TechniCoat is NOT just a coating but a specific process. The preparation of the material to be coated is 60% of the process known as TechniCoat.

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Aero-Marine Engineering Inc.

AME-Technicoat are recognized industry specialists at coating HVAC coils (air-conditioning coils). With our highly trained and experienced production technicians, we offer the world's finest anti-corrosion coil coating.

Due to the technical nature and high quality control specifications of AME's TechniCoat system and application along with the stringent quality issues of the world's finest manufacturers of air-conditioning equipment, this is strictly a factory applied coating process.

We coat all configurations of coils, including the new popular MicroChannel coil. AME's TechniCoat is the only qualified coating for MicroChannels due to the complex and tight fin design. We also can coat A/C units — that is we can receive the entire unit and coat whatever parts need protection. Additionally, our coating is polyurethane free as well as Hex-chromium and lead free!

Protect your investment from these issues